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About Us

Camerazzi Photobooth

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About Camerazzi

Founded in 2012

Camerazzi was founded in 2012 by newlywed couple Oscar and Iliana Suarez, quickly becoming the Tri-Cities’ leading photobooth provider. With cutting-edge technology, extensive creative expertise, and a whole lot of passion, the husband and wife team grew Camerazzi from one photobooth to several, and a few events per year to dozens.

In order to maintain the same growth and offer even more incredible photobooth experiences to all residents of the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas, Camerazzi Photobooth officially became part of Columbia Basin Event Group, one of the largest wedding and event collectives in Tri-Cities, in 2019.

We at Camerazzi are now proud to offer upwards of seven photobooths, of five different types, at over two hundred events every year.

Whether the event you’re planning is a wedding, a birthday party, a corporate event, a school dance, or something else entirely, we have a photobooth that is sure to fit in with your event’s atmosphere, wow your guests, and help you capture ALL the memories being made at your next big occasion!


Unique Events Served

We've been so proud to serve hundreds of events, including weddings, parties, corporate functions, and school dances since 2012!


Awesome Photos Taken

Our guests take hundreds of photos per event - each one crazier than the last! We've seen some hilarious stuff show up in our galleries!


Guests In Our Booths

We meets thousands of guests a year, and love to see the fun ideas each one comes up with for their photos and poses!

About Our Owner

Justin Bazinet

Camerazzi Photobooth is proudly owned by Justin Bazinet,
CEO & Managing Partner of Columbia Basin Event Group.

A pioneer in the wedding industry, Justin Bazinet is the Chief DJ at BA Entertainment, CEO of Camerazzi Photobooth, and co-founder of Wedding Warriors TC. He started his career as a freelance DJ working with a handful of other wedding businesses before founding both BA Entertainment and Wedding Warriors TC, where he works hard to innovate and drive current wedding trends. After finding success in the Tri-Cities Wedding Industry, Justin acquired Camerazzi Photobooth in 2019, and is proud to now be at the helm of three growing wedding businesses. Driven by a mission to never hear another "bad wedding" story, Justin's biggest passion is to inspire his entire team to expect nothing but perfection in every event they're a part of.

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